What is Sling Your Hook?

Weyer95 13/06/2018

What is Sling Your Hook?

Firstly, I want to welcome you to Sling Your Hook.

No, that doesn’t read quite right. I’m not telling you to ‘do one’ or ‘go away‘. The choice of name for the business hopefully will become apparent in a few moments.

I would like to thank you for your interest and I hope that you find one or maybe many reasons to continue to engage with us over the course of your time within the world of angling.

In short, Sling Your Hook Online is a marketplace and community for anglers to buy, sell and exchange fishing tackle and accessories. We offer a solution for individuals and businesses within the angling industry to acquire an online presence which will further their involvement with the online fishing community.

Quite simply, whether you are buying your first ever fishing rod, looking to sell a job lot or showcase your angling business online; Sling Your Hook Online is both the place to advertise and also start your search.

Trying to keep a fisherman’s tale as brief as possible (which proves extremely difficult); On a personal note and probably like many others, my local tackle shop was my ‘go to’ for all my angling requirements. I purchased my first float rod from there.

The bloke behind the counter taught me how to first tackle up and offered all sorts of advice; and whilst I probably naively bought the most expensive ground bait on the shelf due to his ‘recommendations’, the service was second to none and therefore I continued as a customer as my fishing bug started to develop.

A few (or so) years has passed since then and unfortunately, the said tackle shop is no longer in business. I’d like to think it wasn’t down to a sole individual who started to choose to make his own ground bait to save a few pennies..

What I am getting at is that whether we like it or not, the importance of online in our every day lives is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, if as businesses we do not adapt, we can very quickly be left behind.

One of the main motivators for us was to create a platform which will enable anglers to effectively help all members of the industry to be better informed about the angling world and interact with each other.

We hope to connect likewise anglers who are either searching for their next purchase or hoping to advertise fishing tackle to gain educated enquiries through the system we provide.

Finally, I hope you interpret from this something to suit your involvement within this industry we all love and as a business, we hope to make many key connections along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to read our first post – We’re really looking forward to it.