Surface Fishing Advice – Catching Carp Off The Top

Weyer95 24/07/2018

Surface Fishing Advice – Catching Carp Off The Top

With the prolonged periods of red hot sunshine well and truly upon us, we felt it was only right that our attention is turned to a compelling and devastatingly effective method of fishing.

If you are yet to try surface fishing, you must make the most of the warm weather and get out on the bank to give it a go. We enjoy nothing more than grabbing a bag of floaters, some polaroid glasses and a rod and reel to head down to the lake in search of some action from the carp!

There are many tips and tricks that have most certainly been covered by top anglers who will reiterate that one of the best ways to catch is to present your bait on the waters surface.

Alongside this, there are vast amounts of surface fishing tackle for sale and different variations of the method. It is easy to get muddled up into where to start and what to buy.

One of the many benefits with surface fishing is that it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. Of course, there are ready made floaters, pop ups, pellets, ready tied flies and bugs, surface controllers etc.

However, we thought we would recommend a simple approach that has been a favourite of ours, mainly due to its success whilst having the ability to keep the cost down (winner!).

Firstly, go and grab yourself a bag of dog biscuits. The mixer type seems to be the best. Although, different shapes and sizes keep the fish guessing too.

To give you an idea, our routine was to head to Tesco supermarket and pick up a 4KG bag of Dry Food Mixer for just £3.50! This is more than plenty, even when the carp are (hopefully) having it, big time!

Simply take a catapult and fire pouchfuls towards the cruising carp in the upper layers. A steady feeding pattern should entice them in no time. One handy tip to ensure the fish can easily detect the mixers is to coat them in oil; Vegetable oil, again keeps cost down and will create pockets of slickened water, helping particularly when there is other debris on the water’s surface.

Now for the hookbaits. Again, it is possible to use hair rigged baits of many kinds but we have a simple alternative.

We advise simply grabbing a handful or so of the dog mixers and placing them in a sandwich bag (the tougher plastic ones work best). Put the kettle on and douse the mixers with a little boiling water.

Now blow some air into the bag and seal by twisting the top. Shake the blown-up bag of mixers until their surfaces have taken on some of the boiling water.

Leave the sealed sandwich bag of dog mixers for 20 – 30 minutes until they have taken on the liquid and look a little larger than a mixer straight from the original bag. You could even use the remaining water in the kettle to make a brew whilst you wait!

Once you have left them a little while, you will now have a bag full of spongey hookbaits that you are able to use by simply hooking onto a wide gape or mixer hook.

They should stay on for a number casts without falling off and also give you enough weight to freeline a comfortable distance towards the feeding fish.

A single fishing rod, a few items of terminal tackle and some dog food from the supermarket is really all it takes to have a session to remember.

With many more sunny days ahead, we urge you to give it a try and catch some fish on the surface.