A Handful Of Tips For Catching Carp In Autumn

Weyer95 03/09/2018

A Handful Of Tips For Catching Carp In Autumn

Well, September is now upon us. For many a carp angler, it is an exciting time of the year to be out on the bank.

Not only have the fish been munching their way into a weight gain but the weather is now taking a turn too. With temperatures falling, the carp will be encouraged to feed before winter comes.

With short spells of sunshine, rain, heavy winds and the colder nights; make sure you drag your fishing tackle out and get on the bank as the autumnal period can produce some magical sessions for the carp angler.

Here are a few of our tips to help maximise your chances of putting some fish on the bank this Autumn!

1. Location, Location, Location.

Any carp angler will tell you that locating the fish is paramount to having a successful session. Put simply, you can’t catch what’s not there…

So, where are you most likely to find them at this time of year?

Finding them in the summer is easier than other seasons as they are most likely cruising in the upper layers or topping for hatches on the surface. In Autumn it sometimes can require a little more effort.

Obviously, using an item of fishing tackle such as a fish finder would be a huge help. However, one tip that we recommend for at this time of the year would be to have a try fishing on the back of the wind!

With the wind now being colder than the water temperature, the back of the wind can offer stable temperatures, decrease in undertow and little to no ripple or movement on the waters surface. These make it a desirable environment for the carp to lurk. Try a steady baiting approach and hopefully, this will bring a bite or two!

2. Baiting Approach.

When Autumn comes around, carp are usually only thinking about one thing – food; and plenty of it!

Around this time, a good quality boilie can make the difference in your catch rate, believe me. With the fish looking for food before the winter months, it can be rewarding to offer a high nutritional bait for them which they simply cannot resist and more importantly, they keep coming back for!

Another edge that can make a difference this time of year is by adding highly nutritional and attractive liquids into your bait. The best way is to soak your boilies the night before you are going fishing. This is so that your bait will slowly pump the goodness of the liquid out into the lake once you are angling and pull the carp into your swim.

Although Autumn is associated mainly with heavy baiting campaigns, carp will still be sourcing natural food in the lake. Therefore, always bear in mind that a zig in the right depth could be a winner!

3. Be Prepared.

It is all well and good filling your car or van with kilos and kilos of expensive boilie and particle mix but don’t forget that as well as Autumn being a perfect time to get out carp fishing, the weather can be a lottery!

Not only are the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer but once we get into September and October, the weather can be unpredictable to say the least.

To reiterate, you can have the best fishing tackle you like but if you are ill prepared for the conditions that Autumn can bring, it can lead to a miserable time bank-side.

Make sure you pack a good brolly or bivvy (even just for a day session, you’ll thank us later), waterproofs, adequate warm garments and plenty of hot drinks.

Summed up, Autumn can be an exciting and entertaining time for anglers. So, don’t let the weather put you off; it certainly won’t put the fish off.

Get out on the bank and enjoy!